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Our purpose

To foster the development of girls and women in Science,Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by connecting them with experienced mentors and motivated mentees. By creating successful matches, the program will enable future generation of girls and women to enter the field with the promise of becoming change-makers in the industry.

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For the latest application timelines and sessions information, please check Zain's social media channels specific to the country you are applying in.

STEM Background Level of experience manager and above Varied Leadership experience Possess the following skills: listening, advocacy, teaching and sharing Have a passion to inspire and guide future tech-leaders

what to expect?

Challenge, motivate and inspire women who have chosen to be part of the STEM industry Gain firsthand exposure with experts in the STEM industry Create a network of future tech leaders in the region Provide women tools on how to combat gender biases Explore career opportunities and gain guidance by sharing experiences

The program spans across the Middle East and North Africa and is provided in seven countries which include Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and South Sudan. When it comes to the region as a whole, there is still a long way to go in addressing the gap in STEM. At Zain, we are committed to bridging the divide as it will allow women to contribute in the future of technology.


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  • Bouthina Ahmed Mahroos image

    Bouthina Ahmed Mahroos

    Acting Payroll Senior Manager


    Bouthina Ahmed Mahroos has 13 years-experience in HR, and worked in different industries including FMCG, automotive, financial services and telecommunication. She strives to enjoy the journey and create a balance between work and personal life. What drives Bouthina is ‘work hard until you don’t have to introduce yourself’.

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  • DANA ABDAL image


    Care Applications Management Specialist


    Dana Abdal is a Care Apps Specialist at Zain Kuwait. She has been with Zain Kuwait IT department for over 10 years and has worked on diverse IT projects which fostered the development of her knowledge and experience in the field today. She is driven by the phrase 'Never look down, unless you are helping someone up'. Dana also enjoys playing the piano and was the first to introduce the art of reborning in the Arab region.

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  • Dalia Mohammed Ramez Shakhshir image

    Dalia Mohammed Ramez Shakhshir

    Consumer Business


    Dalia Shakhshir is a passionate and dedicated Product Development Team Leader in the Telecom domain with a proven track of quality deliverables, IT development, and Business Analysis experience of 16+ years. Dalia is a creative detail-oriented problem solver, with advanced analytical and reasoning skills who consistently delivers and fulfils strategic implementations. Honesty and kindness are the main values Dalia believes in and lives by. Spending quality time with her three children is what Dalia enjoys the most, as well as walking and making homemade sweets.

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  • Haider Aied Ali Alkarway image

    Haider Aied Ali Alkarway

    Head of Corporate Reporting Unit


    Haider Aied is the Head of the Corporate Reporting Unit since 2017 with over 15 years’ experience at Zain Iraq. He is responsible for communicating with different departments to support the creation of reports and dashboards. Haider enjoys hunting and camping.

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  • Omer Kamal Ali Mukhtar image

    Omer Kamal Ali Mukhtar

    Telecom Management professional

    Sudan (Application Closed)

    Omer Kamal Ali Mukhtar is a Telecom Management professional with over 17 years of experience in Marketing, Technology, Project Management, and Customer Experience Management. He is experienced in implementing strategies that consistently enhance business and operational targets.

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  • Mubarak Ebrahim Nass image

    Mubarak Ebrahim Nass

    Infrastructure & Core Specialist


    Mubarak Ebrahim Nass is Infrastructure & Core Specialist at Zain Bahrain who is responsible for CS Core & Infrastructure deployments, IT help desk & ERP. Mubarak is blessed to be part of many success stories at Zain Bahrain like 4G launch, 5G launch, and most recent being the Apple iWatch enablement & launch. Mubarak is passionate about looking for new technologies and methods to enhance the customer & end-user experience. Mubarak likes to play video games, read & watch movies.

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  • Eliza Isaiah image

    Eliza Isaiah

    Branding and Communication Manager

    South Sudan

    Eliza Isaiah is the Branding and Communication Manager at Zain South Sudan.

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The program is open for women university students that are studying fields under STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Majors include and not limited to:


Submit Application Form (includes CV) Virtual Interview with WiT team

Women who are currently in university pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and are planning to join the workforce.

No this program does not have fees.